Monday, October 18, 2010

Hands in the pockets

 When we see someone with their hands in their pockets there are some reasons behind this, however we need to take the situation or circumstances into consideration.
First if it’s a cold day of course we all tend to put our hands in our pockets.

 If you go to a seminar and his hands are in his pockets there could be a few reasons for this. It could be they are nervous, anxious or uncomfortable with the circumstances.  Even when someone is bored or just not interested hands linger in the pockets.
If you find yourself putting your hands in your pockets to much it can send a message you lack confidence. If you want to give a good impression avoid this action.
The most one to be wary of it could be that they are trying to hide something from you; this would not be a good one if they are stuttering or uming and harring alot in their conversation with you. 


ellahsun said...

I enjoy reading your post.
I guess this is true... sometimes I tend to put mg hands on my pocket when I did something wrong and anticipating something like bad words from my boss..

Scott said...

I am guilty of the hands in the pocket. For myself it is more of a security issue .. If I feel uncomfortable (and I am working on this) I will stuff my hands in the pockets. My other downfall is folding my arms to.. this is not a defensive gesture or trying to be closed off. but more comforting for me any ways.

Great Blog .. Looking forward to more from you.

Kirk said...

wow, i didn't know this. great post!